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Personal Injury Defense

Since the founding of the firm, GKASN has had great success achieving justice on behalf of individuals, businesses and property owners in civil suits involving personal injury. We enjoy a well-deserved reputation for exhaustive, yet cost effective, investigation and pre-trial preparation that time and again constitute the reasons for our successful outcomes. We view visiting the accident scene, and in-person meetings with clients and witnesses, to be essential to understanding the critical facts of your case. We obtain complete copies of all relevant EMT, hospital, fire, police and medical records directly from the originating sources and bring anyone trying to obstruct your rights to a full and fair investigation to Court.

Loss Analysis and Subrogation

Subrogation has been in a core practice of our firm for over 80 years. It levels the playing field between injured parties and tortfeasors and is a bulwark against a “no-fault society”. Members of GKASN have been thoroughly investigating, smartly evaluating and aggressively pursuing responsible third-parties parties in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida and elsewhere.

Coverage and First-Party Defense

The partners of GKASN have evaluated hundreds of property policies and claims under those policies, conducted hundreds of examinations under oath and defended an equal number of first-party suits in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. This type of investigation and representation is some of the most satisfying work we do.

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