Personal Injury Defense

Since the founding of the firm, GKASN has had great success achieving justice on behalf of individuals, businesses and property owners in civil suits involving personal injury. We enjoy a well-deserved reputation for exhaustive, yet cost effective, investigation and pre-trial preparation that time and again constitute the reasons for our successful outcomes. We view visiting the accident scene, and in-person meetings with clients and witnesses, to be essential to understanding the critical facts of your case. We obtain complete copies of all relevant EMT, hospital, fire, police and medical records directly from the originating sources and bring anyone trying to obstruct your rights to a full and fair investigation to Court.

Where technical or scientific issues are involved, we work closely with recognized experts in virtually every field of relevant endeavor including architecture, engineering, fire science, meteorology, medicine, rehabilitation and economics.

Recognizing the value of our clients’ time and economic resources, we strive for the early resolution of claims, if not voluntarily, by dismissal or Summary Judgment. In those cases where pre-trial resolution is not possible, Partners and attorneys have significant experience handling all aspects of personal injury litigation at the trial and appellate levels in both the State and Federal Courts. Our attorneys are active members of the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida and Massachusetts bars. We also can and do appear in other jurisdictions with special permission when client needs require.

We remain in close contact with our clients from case inception through conclusion, keeping all decision makers fully informed as their case progresses. 

We look forward to discussing new assignments and providing second opinions to new and existing clients in all aspects of personal injury litigation. 


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